Alumni News


12 March, Institut Superieur des Arts de Toulouse screens Dearest Degenerate, a film created for the 2018 OSE show Gut Feelings by 2018 alumnus Antonia Luxem, as part of Traverse Video.

4 March, OSE 2015 alumnus Sophie Mallett joins curators Cédric Fauq and Lily Tonge alongside artists Joshua Leon and Ebun Sodipo to consider text as medium, and writing that responds to historical artworks, at South London Gallery.

8 February–14 March, CRATE Studio and Project Space presents Ways of Making, a free, open access programme of workshops exploring different ways of learning and making. With workshops facilitated by 2017 alumnus Sara Trillo and 2019 alumnus Elouise Farley.

30 January, grand opening of the Hot Meals Now Canteen, run by 2019 alumnus Annie Nichols and supported by OSE, with food tastings and a chance to learn what Annie has in store for the future.

13 January–14 March, DKUK presents Subsequent Hotchpotch, a solo presentation by Kara Chin, whose work reflects on contemporary confusions using fictitious truths and modern modern myth making.

10 January–15 March, Well Projects have organised a series of five workshops in collaboration with East Kent Mencap’s GOLD group as part of POW festival. Including workshops facilitated by Elspeth PenfoldNatascha Maksimvic, OSE 2018 alumni Sarah Karen and Coral Brookes, and 2017 alumnus Sara Trillo. Well Projects is run by 2017 alumni George Harding, Kris Lock and Emily Whitebread, as well as Sean Golding and Hattie Pierce. DKUK is a project by 2015 OSE Associate/hairdresser Daniel Kelly.


29 November, OSE 2015 alumnus Paul Maheke and OSE mentor Melika Ngombe Kolongo aka Nkisi perform an excerpt of Sènsa at Museum Ludwig, Cologne.

28 Nov 2019–11 Jan 2020, OSE 2015 alumnus Paul Maheke is featured in Soft Architecture, a group exhibition interrogating the intersection of architecture and structures of power and resistance at the Goodman Gallery in Cape Town, South Africa.

23 November–21 December. Well Projects launch a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for their 2020 programme, with a winter warmer fundraising party on 14 December, 6–11pm. Well Projects is run by 2017 alumni George Harding, Kris Lock and Emily Whitebread, as well as Sean Golding and Hattie Pierce.

22–24 November, OSE 2015 alumnus Paul Maheke and OSE mentor Melika Ngombe Kolongo aka Nkisi perform Sènsa at Venice Biennale.

15 November 2019–8 March 2020, OSE 2015 alumnus Paul Maheke featured in Elements of Vogue at Museo Universitario del Chopo in Mexicoan exhibition investigating how minorities use their bodies to create dissident forms of beauty, subjectivity, and desire.

14 November–13 December, OSE 2015 alumnus Paul Maheke presents new installation, Levant, at Ludlow 38, New York, incorporating a video made in collaboration with Ligia Lewis and OSE mentor Melika Ngombe Kolongo aka Nkisi. The three practitioners have come together around their shared desire to challenge the field of representation in order to propose new, more abstract forms, that address notions of excluded bodies and identities.

11 November 2019–11 January 2020, DKUK present Plague Deconstructed, a new video installation by Puck Verkade. DKUK is a project by 2015 OSE Associate/hairdresser Daniel Kelly.

7–9 November, OSE 2015 alumnus Paul Maheke and OSE mentor Melika Ngombe Kolongo aka Nkisi perform Sènsa at Performa 19.

31 October–2 November, 2018 alumnus Una Hamilton Helle presents Becoming the Forest, a sound installation for Waltham Forest Borough of Culture 2019 exploring past and present human and non-human voices of Epping Forest.

26 October, as part of Margate NOW, 2017 alumnus Sara Trillo leads Bring up the Boat!, an excavation to uncover the remains of a possible ancient boat wreck on Margate beach. Any finds will be documented at Limbo in November.

24 October, 2016 alumnus Alex Ressel, with collaborator Kerri Meehan, leads RESISTANCE LAB #1 | DEEP TIME STORYa storytelling workshop exploring the concept of deep time in relation to geology, nuclear culture and waste at Arts Catalyst in London.

7 Oct 2019–16 Jan 2020, 2018 alumni Tom Verity & Melanie Wheeler open Plantland, a gothic greenhouse taking inspiration from medieval architecture at Windmill Community Gardens in Margate, as part of Margate NOW.

4 October–24 November, Well Projects present A Cut From Sharp Grass, an exhibition and series of public events developed in response to the increasingly urbanised, networked & technologically integrated landscape of Kent. Featuring new works from Verity Birt, OSE 2017 alumni Emma Gibson and Lou Lou Sainsbury, and Rosie Grace Ward. Curated by OSE 2017 alumni George Harding and Kris Lock with support from Dimitrios Bormpoudakis. Well Projects is run by 2017 alumni George Harding, Kris Lock and Emily Whitebread, as well as Sean Golding and Hattie Pierce.

21 Sept 2019–19 Jan­ 2020, 2015 alumnus Paul Maheke features in Tran­s­cor­po­re­al­i­ties, a group show curated by Leonie Radine reflecting on the mu­se­um as a perme­able body in which vari­ous bi­o­log­i­cal, social, tech­no­log­i­cal, political, and economic systems flow into each other.

28 September–13 October, 2017 alumnus Emma Gibson presents Point Break, an installation about obstructions that cause a wave to break, at Margate Train Station as part of Margate NOW.

21 September, 2018 alumnus Antonia Luxem screens their film Dearest Degenerate at Otherworldly Tales as part of Underwire Film Festival.

10 September–26 October, 2015 alumnus Paul Maheke features in a group show curated by Claire Le Restif. All of the artists who make up “Le fil d‘alerte” are attentive to the world and activate consciousness through sensitive and activist gestures.

9–30 September, 2018 alumnus Sarah Karen leads Off Loom Weaving, a weekly course on backstrap weaving at Well Projects. Well Projects is run by 2017 alumni George Harding, Kris Lock and Emily Whitebread, as well as Sean Golding and Hattie Pierce.

2 September–1 November, 2015 alumnus Paul Maheke joins NIDA Art Colony to work in Nida, Lithuania, for two months and develop works for the Nida Art Colony summer exhibition 2020 with Eglė Budvytytė, Jin Mustafa, Mark Ther, and Elin Már Øyen Vister.

2 September–8 November, DKUK presents Brexit Gothic, an exhibition of paintings by artist John Walter interrogating a new phase of British Nationalism by addressing the art and architecture that underpin this philosophy, coining ‘Brexit Gothic’ as the name for a style suitable to address the new era that we have entered into. DKUK is a project by 2015 OSE Associate/hairdresser Daniel Kelly.

8 August, 2017 alumnus Lou-Lou Sainsbury performs 1667: Not Alive, Just Living at Nottingham Contemporary, inspired by the 17th century non-human to human blood transfusions of Jean Baptiste Denis.

7 August, 2017 alumnus Lou-Lou Sainsbury explores writing and drawing as modes for disarming systemic violence with their workshop Writing for the Toxic Voice at Nottingham Contemporary.

4 August, 2016 alumnus Bekki Perriman launches Doorways: Women, Homelessness, Trauma and Resistance, a book of photographs, essays and interviews.

1 August–12 October, 2015 OSE alumnus Laura Yuile presents A Brick Tunnel with a Concrete Floor at the Art House in Wakefield.

25 July, 2015 OSE alumnus Tina Rowe wins 2019 Denis Roussel Award for their work Oyster Shell Ghosts.

13 July–8 September, 2018 alumnus Dipesh Pandya’s short film ‘Hands Up If You’re Brown’ is included as part of the NAE Open exhibition at New Art Exchange, Nottingham.

4–7 July, 2017 alumnus Sara Trillo joins a group of British and French artists for Talkie-Walkie Walkie-Talkie at Fructôse in Dunkirk, a collaborative project to imagine new cross channel artistic collaborations in the context of Brexit.

27–29 July, alumni Jo Murray (2017), Melanie Wheeler (2018), and Katie Fiore (2018) support the organisation of the UCA + Crate Graduate Award Residency Programme.

26 June–2 September, DKUK presents Sadé Mica‘s Now Whata highly personal, honest and often uplifting account of voicing a sense of self, positioned and seen outside the masc/femme binary. DKUK is a project by 2015 OSE Associate/hairdresser Daniel Kelly.

22 June–1 September, 2018 alumnus Una Hamilton Helle exhibits a new video work focusing on the links between Walwall’s historic leather trade, local band Judas Priest, and queer leather culture, as part of Alan Kane’s 4 Bed Detached Home of Metal.

2018 alumnus Antonia Luxem is selected as one of 6 early-career artist-filmmakers for the second edition of Film London‘s FLAMIN Fellowship scheme.

18 June, 2018 alumni Katie Fiore and Louise Webb host No More Miserable Monday Mornings, a consciousness raising workshop and ‘Acid Communism’ reading group, at Well Projects. Well Projects is run by 2017 alumni George Harding, Kris Lock and Emily Whitebread, as well as Sean Golding and Hattie Pierce.

15–22 June, Antiuniversity, a programme of self organised radical learning and mutual education events, co-organised by OSE 2015 alumnus Shiri Shalmy, takes place in venues across the UK and for the first time internationally.

12 June–15 September, OSE 2015 alumnus Paul Maheke features in Get Up, Stand Up Nowa major new exhibition celebrating the past 50 years of Black creativity in Britain and beyond, at Somerset House.

8–29 June, 2019 Associate Jules Varnedoe exhibits in Dust sheet embroidered snow at Project Gallery, curated by the Benevolent Association of Excellent Solutions and co.

7–23 June, Well Projects (OSE 2017 alumni Kris Lock, George Harding and Emily Whitebread), present I’m in the bath on all fours…,  a 3-phase visual art exhibition and interspersed series of talks, performances, workshops and screenings curated by Well Projects and artist Flora Parrott. Well Projects is run by 2017 alumni George Harding, Kris Lock and Emily Whitebread, as well as Sean Golding and Hattie Pierce.

7–19 June, 2018 alumnus Elinor Stanley exhibits Very Ripe Apricots at Sutton House, responding to the many different periods and histories of the space.

30–31 May, 2015 alumnus Paul Maheke and Melika Ngombe Kolongo (Nkisi) perform Sènsa  at Hoxton Hall.

10 May–15 June, 2018 alumnus Una Hamilton Helle as part of Legion Projects curates Waking the Witch – Old Ways, New RitesThe exhibition looks at the ever-shifting figure of the witch within the practices of contemporary artists.

3 May–2 June, 2015 alumnus Laura Yuile features in Junge Szenen in Wien a group exhibition curated by MAUVE, as part of the wider exhibition Über das Neue.

May–June, 2015 alumnus Laura Yuile joins ZK/U as artist in residence to work on an ongoing research project, revolving around a series of viewings of luxury properties.

23 April–23 June, DKUK presents Museum Show, the first show in their new premises designed by Sam Jacob Studio. The show features contributions by Assemble, Baukuh, DKCM, Fala Atelier, Fraser Muggeridge, Madelon Vriesendorp, Maio, OMMX, Pup and Sean Griffiths, who were all invited by Jacob. DKUK is a project by 2015 OSE Associate/hairdresser Daniel Kelly.

9 April, 2015 alumnus Paul Maheke announces their nomination for the 21st Fondation d’entreprise Ricard Prize. Fil d’alerte, an exhibition featuring all nine nominees, will open early September at Fondation Ricard, Paris. The winner of the prize will be announced in October. This year’s prize is curated by Claire Le Restif.

11–18 May, 2018 alumnus Elinor Stanley co-curates the group exhibition All in Green Went My Love Ridingfeaturing work from 12 international artists. all based around themes of desire and its many forms.

4 April—25 May, 2015 alumnus Paul Maheke launches their second solo exhibition Diable Blanc/White Devil at Galerie Sultana.

22 March, 2018 alumnus Dipesh Pandya presents their monthly show on Radio Margate, 2–4pm. In the first of a two part special, Dipesh will curate content based on their trip around India and include materials gathered as part of the research residency with Whitstable Biennale. Part two to follow on April 19 also at 2–4pm. Drop by – Switch off – Tune In.

(Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances both radio shows have been cancelled.)

21–23 March, 2015 alumnus  Tina Rowe presents their work Oyster Shell Ghosts at the group show 17:58+4. The work is a series of portraits made from photographic negatives from the 1940s–60s, found in a skip and printed on oystershells mudlarked from the Thames. Discarded things on discarded things.

9 March, 2015 alumnus Laura Yuile presents their new performance Once you care, you’re future commissioned by the Birth Rites Collection, for Oxytocin: Mothering the World, at King’s College Guy’s Campus, in collaboration with Procreate.

7 March, alumnus Antonia Luxem screens their film Dearest Degenerate at The Swiss Church as part of The Table Exhibition. This piece is an address, in the form of a letter, to the close and homophobic person. It is a deconstructed reaction to the underlying and violent, invisible and yet prevalent homophobia within our society. It was developed from material found in personal notebooks and diaries and inspired by books such as Didier Eribon’s “Insult and the Making of the Gay Self” and José Esteban Muñoz’s “Cruising Utopia”.

2 March, 2015 alumnus Paul Maheke performs Sènsa with Mélika Ngombe Kolongo AKA NKISI, at Cafe Oto as part of a three-day residency.

January–April, 2018 alumnus Dipesh Pandya travels across India as part of a research project commissioned by Whitstable Biennale. The research will explore memory, identity and dispersion of culture. The project started with time spent in in Gravesend and Northfleet before travelling on to Kochi, Amritsar and New Delhi, India. The project will culminate on a final important date, 14 April 2019, which marks the celebration of Vaisakhi.

20 January–17 March, 2015 alumnus Paul Maheke shows A fire circle for a public at Vleeshal with performances every weekend. For this exhibition Maheke explores the tension between hypervisibility and erasure. Incorporating installation, video, sound and performance, the exhibition alters and adapts throughout its duration. A sound work, composed in collaboration with fellow 2015 alumnus Sophie Mallett plays on a loop and acts as a companion to a silent video depicting Maheke‘s dancing body—present and persistent, but not always fully visible.


16–25 November, 2017 alumnus Sara Trillo and collaborator Gavin  Toye present Hell, It’s Us at Limbo, Margate.

4 October–20 December, working in partnership with The Gr@nd, Gravesend’s Healthy Living Centre, 20132014 OSE alumnus Ania Bas is collaborating with young people aged 16 to 25 years to take the next steps in their creative career. Together, participants will co-create a new lifestyle magazine (working title The Armpit), which will showcase their writing, photography and illustrations; exploring and sharing their interests, hopes, fears and plans for the future.

RETREAT is an annual week-long residential workshop that has taken place in remote areas across Britain. It is not a holiday: it is an opportunity to enjoy communal living and intensely debate artistic practices. This is Not a Holiday at Hardwick Gallery takes place from 8–26 September 2018 and presents the work of 13 participants at the 2018 workshop in Northumbria. 2015 OSE Alumnus Michael Whitby has organised RETREAT since its beginnings in 2008.

21–23 September 2018 as part of Margate Festival, 2017 OSE alumnus Emma Gibson presents Last to Go, a series of installations examining the near-future world of automation, by creating strangely familiar ‘survivalist’ shelters from discarded objects of the types of work that will no longer be human.

16 September 2018, 2017 OSE alumnus Lou-Lou Sainsbury presents Life/Forms 3.0: Wild Combination, at Flat Time House, London. Wild Combination is a guided tour on how to be wild and other peculiar classifications. This live-performance workshop features readings, moving image, walking and writing exercises, drawing from research into depictions of strange creatures in Medieval bestiaries.

14–28 September 2018, 2017 OSE alumnus Sarah Trillo will be undertaking a two week residency in Arnis, the smallest town in Germany located on a fjord near the Baltic Sea. They will be exploring tidal spaces in search of evidence (real and imagined) of the Angles, the people who were the original inhabitants of this region. The project will culminate in a public event on September 28.

14 September 2018, The Mycological Twist in cooperation with 2015 OSE alumnus Leslie Kulesh present Ghost Camp Remnants at La Dépendance. Ghost Camps are communal camping moments where participants are invited to reimagine the traditional mythologies around the left through workshops, readings and screenings.

12 September–4 November 2018, 2015 alumnus Paul Maheke presents Letter to a Barn Owl at Kevin Space. This work is based on a psychic reading given to Paul during their stay in the Dominican Republic in 2017 and follows the artist‘s research—through installation, sculpture, text and sound—on the body as both an archive and a territory, where tensions between erasure and hypervisibility are played out and history, memory and identity can be disrupted, re-articulated, and reinvented by addressing them through non-human subjectivities.

10 September 2018, DKUK presents Spa Songs with Fay Nicolson. Spa Songs is a work of voice and movement arranged for 8 performers that will be taking place at the Brunel Museum. DKUK is a project by 2015 OSE Associate/hairdresser Daniel Kelly.

2–26 September 2018, 2015 OSE alumnus Mathis Collins presents their first ever solo show Éducateur at LONGTANG, Zurich.

7–8 July 2018, 2016 OSE alumnus Anneke Kampman presents a new performance Four Decades of Selling Time at the Pump House Gallery as part of Art Night. 

23–28 June 2018, OSE alumnus 2017 Lou Lou Sainsbury presents the upcoming publication & exhibition The Unstable Condition of Zhong Zhong & Hua Hua hosted by ODD Residency at Transzit, Romania. Taking form of a personal poetic-essay, the new publication & exhibition interweaves a spiralling riddle of desire, intimacy and recent developments in non-human primate testing.

Duty Free is an exhibition of works featuring OSE 2015 Alumnus Laura Yuile seeking to analyse the corporatisation of public space and the influx of utopian ideals, concerning the automation of industry and everyday activities accompanied by the capitalisation and utilisation of the internet as a space for corporate ownership within an increasingly gamified culture.
16–13 June 2018.

On the 50th anniversary of the 1968 Antiuniversity of London, the final Antiuniversity Now festival will take place in venues across the UK. The festival features 150 free events, including workshops, walks, seminars, talks, experiments and interventions. There are no fees, no entry requirements and no qualifications. It is mutual education as direct action. 9–15 June 2018.

Well Projects – created by 2017 alumni Kris Lock, Emily Whitebread, George Harding and Chloe Ashley – is hosting an evening of short films selected and introduced by Joe Francis Williams and Charlie Edwards Moss. The screening starts at 7pm prompt on 6 June 2018 at 101 Social Club, Margate.

1–30 June 2018, Solus and the City, part of London Festival of Architecture, is a project consisting of the construction of a small ‘Solitude Shed’ – a structure based on rural mountain bothies. It was built by a collaborative group of predominantly women, including OSE 2018 Associate Artist Rosa Irwin Clark, and non-binary people at Greendale Playing Fields in East Dulwich in May 2018.

2017 alumnus Sara Trillo has been researching the local Thanet saint, Saint Mildred. On 6 June 2018, Sara invites you to Deer Lines at Athelstan Sound, to explore and improvise around a musical score made at St Augustines Abbey, Canterbury, in the C12th to celebrate St Mildred’s Day. The session is part of their research for a solo show at LIMBO in November.

26 May–15 July 2018, 2017 associate Emma Gibson is the latest artist to be commissioned by the Dreamland Margate’s Mural-by-the-sea. The piece, entitled Save Yourselves, is reflective of seaside townsfolk and life.

25 May–13 July 2018, 2016 alumnus Theo Shields features in SATELLITE for Visual Arts Scotland at Summerhall.

25 May–10 June 2018, 2017 OSE guest curator Cédric Fauq curates Le Colt est Jeune & Haine for DOC, Paris, featuring work from OSE 2016 associate Eve Chabanon.

13 April–10 June 2018, Chisenhale Gallery presents a new commission by 2015 alumnus and current OSE mentor, Paul MahekeA fire circle for a public hearing develops Maheke’s ongoing engagement with the potential of the body as an archive in order to address how history, memory and identity are formed and constituted. The soundtrack for the show was composed by fellow 2015 alumnus and current OSE mentor Sophie Mallet

26 April 2018, 2015 associate and current OSE mentor Sophie Mallet presents Our Gelatinous Past – a speculative docu-fiction film in which jellyfish are cast as the protagonists of a new era in geopolitics as part of Bad Vibes Club at Flat Time House.

April 2018 edition of ID Magazine publishes an interview on 2015 alumnus Paul Maheke exploring their practice, the invisibility and hyper-visibility of being a queer person of colour and the importance of creating work that goes beyond representation. Read it in full here.

2016 alumnus Eve Chabanon wins the Prix Sciences Po with Anti Social Club.

20 April–7 May 2018, 2016 alumnus Anneke Kampman presents A public library of and for listening at Glasgow International. The exhibition is an informal listening and recording space where a range of experiences and encounters can take place, the library houses artworks from invited guests, a well as other materials from various times and places that together create a bank of different forms of knowledge around listening.

23–28 March 20182015 alumnus Laura Yuile features in Battery Horizons: The Red Mansion Art Prize Exhibition 2018.

24–25 February, The people can revealat LIMBO, Margate features new artwork from OSE 2017 alumni Chloe Ashley, George Harding, Kris Lock, Lou Lou Sainsbury, Josephine Sweeney, and Emily Whitebread from.

3 Feb–7 May, 2017 OSE alumni Chloe Ashley, Emma Gibson, George Harding, Lou Lou Sainsbury, Jessica Jordan-Wrench, Jo Murray, and Sara Trillo feature in the Nayland Rock Hotel exhibition At The Violet Hour as part of Turner Contemporary’s Journeys with ‘The Waste Land’ programme  2018.

3 February–11 March, 2016 alumni Emil Scheffmann, Louis-Jack Horton-Stephens, and Anneke Kampman join Common Study collective at Somerset House Studios. The collective will facilitate a regular research programme centred on a weekly open session that draws on and in turn develops members’ individual practice, while also forming the basis of public events exploring concerns within the collective’s broader foundational themes.

OSE alumnus Louis-Jack dives into the mind of a woman struggling with depression in the film ‘Sink or swim’ released in February 2018 and supported in part by The Royal Ballet, Studio Wayne McGregor and mental health charity Mind.

In February 2018 for the Dhaka Art Summit, Open School East is delivering a three-part collaborative and practice-based workshop working with sound, conversation, the body, print and publishing. The workshops will be led by OSE alumni Tina Rowe and Eleanor Vonne Brown and OSE mentor Trish Scott.

2013–14 alumnus Yemi Awosile’s exhibits Digital Native at the De La Warr Pavilion Saturday 20 January–Sunday 15 April 2018. Throughout Autumn 2017 Yemi Awosile was the artist in residence at Thornwood Care Home in Bexhill-on-Sea, home to sixteen people living with dementia. The residency was organised by the De La Warr Pavilion in association with Open School East, and funded by a Paul Hamlyn Foundation Test and Explore grant. Awosile engaged with Thornwood Care Home residents and staff in conversation and creative activities. Out of this, they developed a collection of digitally embroidered fabrics inspired by these encounters, and the site.

27 January–13 March 2018 sees 2017 alumnus Roxman Gatt collaborate with Ange Leccia and Matthew Darbyshire for a dialogue about fetishism with Poussière d’étoiles/Stardust at Galerie Jousse Entreprise.


OSE 2015 alumnus Sophie Mallett is artist-in-residence at Hangar in Lisbon, Portugal with support from Gasworks November–December

The Hand refrains at Mauve, Vienna 8 September 2017 features two works by OSE alumnus Laura Yuile that explore the domestic and urban through the intimate matters of family or living together, personal care and household maintenance.

In September 2017 OSE 2016 alumnus Theo Shields is engaging with the landscape at Brow Head, Mizen Peninsula, West Cork and produce site responsive sculptural installations.

28 September–01 October 2017, 2015 alumnus Laura Yuile presents an exhibition of sculptural work in the setting of her live/work studio-home at The Old Fire Station (ACME).

Sydney’s alt-Biennale Underbelly Arts Festival and Lab features OSE 2015 alumnus Sophie Mallett developing and creating work with an audience present throughout 23 Sep–08 Oct 2017

Join FEAST Thursday 14 September 2017, 7–9pm for an evening of food and performance celebrating the launch of the publication Hot Pot – a collection of texts, artworks and recipes responding to the work of Anthony Burgess -featuring table cloth designs by OSE 2015 alumnus Marie Toseland.

8 September–07 October 2017, 2015 Alumnus Paul Maheke is showing at DRAF as part of  (X) A Fantasy – an exhibition of new commissions and works by historical and contemporary artists curated by Vincent Honoré + Zoe Williams.

OSE 2015 Alumni Laura Yuile and Paul Maheke are performing at ‘Habits of Care’ at Blackwood Gallery alongside more than 100 artists, activists, curators and researchers confronting the crisis of care as part of a five-part exhibition series curated by Helena Reckitt 11–30 September 2017.

Institute of Contemporary Arts is hosting The Bad Vibes Club: Feeling Bad Workshops with founder and OSE 2013 alumnus Matthew Kersaint de Girardeau and OSE 2015 alumnus Sophie Mallett 15 August 2017, from 11–16.45pm.

Cove Park’s 2017 One-to-One residency 24 July–31 July is awarded to SMT – OSE alumni 2015 Sophie Mallett and Marie Toseland – and will focus on the development of a commission for the Tate St Ives in the autumn.

Live-scored by OSE 2016 alumnus Anneke Kampman , Daphne Oram’s Wonderful World of Sound is a journey through the amazing life of one of the great, unsung composers of the twentieth century 31 May–2 June 2017.

Sophie Mallett – OSE 2015 alumnus –  is reading Walter Tevis’ ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ as part of the on going project ‘Portrait (for a Screenplay) of Bet Harmon at TenderPixel Wednesday 3 May 2017, from 7–9pm.

OSE 2016 Alumnus Anni Movsisyan is speaking at I/Mages of Tomorrow – held at Goldsmiths University – a free anti-conference convened by Ama Josephine Budge that works to envision Black & People of Colour futures, disabled futures, queer & trans futures, feminist futures 2–4 June 2017.

ANTI-UNIVERSITY Co-organised by OSE 2015 alumnus Shiri Shalmy is taking place 10–16 June 2017 in venues across the UK.

Saturday 10 June 2017, 2–5pm at E5Process OSE 2015 alumnus Tina Rowe are hosting interactive workshop ‘Smart Phone to Cyanotype’. You will take a photograph with your phone, edit it to make a negative and make a real print using an antique process without needing to go into a darkroom.

Using the playful composition of the surrealist game of “Consequences”, OSE alumnus 2015 Alex Ressel will host a collaborative filmmaking workshop from 12–5pm, Saturday 17 June 2017 at Arts Catalyst Centre

Diaspora Pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennale brings together a group of 19 British-based, ethnically diverse artists including OSE 2015 alumnus Paul Maheke from 13 May–26 November 2017.

The multiplication of signs is brought to the surface through OSE 2015 alumni Mathis Collins’ work in Adult world at Clearview 15–30 April 2017.

Encompassing photography, painting, sculpture, sound and moving image works, These Rotten Words focuses on the physicality of textual, gestural and vocal forms of communication and features a sound piece (a vinyl record) called ‘Songs For Another Voice’ by OSE 2016 alumnus Anneke Kampman at Chapters Arts Centre from Saturday 18 March 2017.

Friday 3 March 2017, 6.30pm join X Marks the Bökship – run by OSE 2016 alumnus Eleanor Vonne Brown – for a record launch and winter cocktails at Matt’s Gallery.

OSE 2015 alumnus John Lawrence presents The Solar Pessimist, a new light and sound installation for the vast space at Spit & Sawdust, Cardiff, as a result of his 2016 Kim Fielding Award Sunday 4 March 2017, 7.30pm.

OSE 2015 alumnus Paul Maheke presents a new performance at Tate Modern, part of his ongoing project, which takes its roots in the idea of hydro feminism on Saturday 25 March 2017, 7pm.

OSE 2016 alumnus Ève Chabanon has created a new work around the growing anxiety about gentrification and the consequences of austerity on women. In addition to this Ève has created Antisocial Social Club – a performance that takes the form of a public debate on the topic of ‘dispossession’ Barking Town Hall Council Chambers at 7pm on Thursday 15 June 2017.

Paradise Island was bought by an American tycoon and transformed into a resort complex for which he created a flag that he believed would be a beacon of peace. OSE 2015 alumnus Sophie Mallett will perform a new soundtrack based on what the national anthem for Paradise Island would be at OUTPOST Norwich 28 January 2017, 6pm.

In January 2017 Assembly Point will present a solo project by French artist and OSE 2015 alumnus Paul Maheke, titled ‘What Flows Through and Across’, one of three exhibitions that form their ongoing international project: ‘Becoming a Body of Water or How to Unlearn Resistance as Opposition’.


2015 OSE associate artist John Lawrence is included in Book Works’ new publication and radio broadcast The Happy Hypocrite_ACCUMULATOR_PLUS selected by Hannah Sawtell. A live performance event will take place on Thursday 10 November 2016 and will be broadcast on NTS Radio the following day.

2015 associate artist Paul Maheke, performance ‘As Far As You Are Unconcerned’
Friday 11 November 2016, from 6–9pm, The Showroom, London, and solo show ‘In Me Everything is Already Flowing’,
16 December 2016–12 February 2017, Center, Berlin

2014 OSE associate artist Matt de Kersaint Giraudeau, The Bad Vibes Club presents a night of performances involving the use and abuse of language, set within Bedwyr Williams’s installation The Gulch Thursday 24 November 2016, 7pm

Solopreneur, curated by 2016 OSE associate artist Ellie Davies, Kingsgate Project Space, 12 November–17 December 2016, exhibition preview: Friday 11 November 2016, from 6–9pm

2015 OSE associate Laure Yuile, ‘Ludicrously Ideal and Beautifully Placed’, duo show with Amy Boulton,  11 November–4 December 2016, Generator Projects, Dundee, and OpenPROCESS #10, artist talk at The White Building, London, Wednesday 16 November 2016.

2015 OSE alumni Sophie Mallett and Marie Toseland performing at PiLOT, Worcester.

Hypersea, by 2015 OSE associates Paul Maheke and Sophie Mallett, Tuesday 29 November 2016, Turner Contemporary, Margate

2016 OSE Associate Louis-Jack Horton-Stephens co-organises Doremifasolasido, a group residency this summer at Florence Art Centre in the Lake District National Park, Saturday 20 August–Sunday 21 August 2016.

2016 OSE Associate Anneke Kampman presents Where Blips of Light Called Players Disintegrate, as part of the Jerwood Staging Series group event: Blend the Acclaim of your Chant with the Timbrels, curated by George Vasey. Tuesday 12 July 2016.


2016 OSE Associate Bekki Perriman at Metal Liverpool, from Thursday 7 July 2016.

2015 OSE resident artist Carla Cruz is part of the Right to the New City at The Buszy in Milton Keynes. Wednesday 6 July 2016.

2015 OSE Associate John Lawrence has been awarded the 2016 Kim Fielding Award. Their solo touring project Sickly Revelations* also opens at the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art in Sunderland on Saturday 2 July 2016, accompanied by a parallel publication.

July’s FORM IV features an article by 2016 OSE Associate Louis-Jack Horton-Stephens on Ronnie O’Sullivan’s greatest escape.

2015 OSE Associate Leslie Kulesh in group show is it rude or polite to leave the room, at Cell. Thursday 30 June–Sunday 7 August 2016.


2015 OSE Associate Sophie Mallett, SPACE White Building Residency, Opening and Screening. Wednesday 29 June 2016.

2014 OSE Associate Jonathan Hoskins with Margareta Kern at Living Together symposium, Spacex Gallery, Exeter, Tuesday 28 June 2016.

2015 OSE Associate Paul Maheke is part of group show No Ordinary Love. Thursday 23 June–Friday 9 September 2016.


DKUK presents Liquid Rye, an exhibition of collaborative new work by the South London Gallery’s Art Assassins. DKUK is a project by 2015 OSE Associate/hairdresser Daniel Kelly. Wednesday 22 June–Saturday 2 July 2016.


2013–14 OSE associate Jonathan Hoskins presents at The Living School: Social Space (South London Gallery event taking place at OSE). Saturday 11 June 2016.

Retreat 2016 publication launch by 2015 OSE Associate Michael Whitby at The Caged Antelope, Wednesday 1 June 2016.


The Walking Reading Group on Commons and Participation with 2013–14 OSE Associate Ania Bas. Across June and July 2016.

2015 OSE Associate John Lawrence solo show Sickly Revelations at Project Number. Friday 27 May–Sunday 19 June 2016.

2015 OSE Associate Paul Maheke performs at Ways of Living, David Roberts Art Foundation. Sunday 21 May 2016.


2015 OSE Associate Tina Rowe at Revela-T festival, beginning Friday 20 May 2016.

2015 OSE Associate Sophie Mallet’s artist talk Borders, Surveillance and Sounds with Sophie Mallett at Music Hackspace. Monday 9 May 2016.

MATLAB Handle Graphics

2015 OSE Associate Laura Yuile presents work in the group show Sorry about last night at  The Washington, Sheffield. Friday 6 May–Monday 6 June 2016.

2015 OSE Associate Paul Maheke in conversation at South London Gallery. Wednesday 18 May 2016.


The Doorways Project, by 2016 OSE Associate Bekki Perriman, shown as part of Brighton Festival, Saturday 7–Sunday 29 May 2016.

2015 OSE Associates Marie Toseland and Sophie Mallett perform for Performance as Publishing : Take Three, at Eastside Projects, Birmingham, Friday 6 May 2016. Watch it here.


2016 OSE Associate Louis-Jack Horton Stephens, shows Gill & Gill at Real to Reel, part of London Craft Week. Thursday 5 May 2016.


AntiUniversity Now Festival, programme announced Sunday 1 May 2016, co-produced by 2015 OSE Associate Shiri Shalmy.

Priceless at Light Eye Mind, with Alice Foxen, Penelope Diaz and 2016 OSE Associate Eleanor Davies. Sunday 24–Friday 29 April 2016.

London Pinhole Festival at Doomed Gallery, featuring 2015 OSE Associate Tina Rowe, with panel discussion Friday 22 April 2016 7PM. Thursday 21–Sunday 24 April 2016.

2015 OSE Associate Paul Makeke performs A Gesture Towards Transformation at The Rebel Man Standard festival at Guest projects. Friday 15 April 2016.

2015 OSE Associates Daniel Kelly, Leslie Kulesh and Laura Yuile exhibit at the Savoy Centre as part of Glasgow International Festival. Friday 8–Monday 25 April 2016.


2015 OSE Associates Marie Toseland and Sophie Mallett perform for Performance as Publishing : Take Two, at Eastside Projects, Birmingham, Friday 1 April 2016. Watch it here.


2015 OSE Associate Paul Maheke runs Decolonial Love, Eventually: Could my Desire have Acted out all the -isms I Call Out workshop at ICA, London as part of Ruptures. Thursday 31 March 2016.

2015 OSE Associate Paul Maheke’s solo show Green Ray Turns Out To Be Mauve, at Green Ray, Enclave. Thursday 24 March–Saturday 23 April 2016.


2013–14 OSE Associate Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau’s The Bad Vibes Club presents  Bodies of Interruption at MK Gallery. Thursday 24 March 2016.

2015 OSE Associate Paul Maheke’s solo show I Lost Track of The Swarm at South London Gallery. Friday 18 March–Sunday 22 May 2016.


The Walking Reading Group open conversation on ‘Commons’ at SPACE, organised by 2013–14 OSE Associate Ania Bas. Wednesday 9 March 2016.

2015 OSE Associate Sophie Mallett presents their collaboration with Emma Letizia Jones. Liminal States in Curating Contemporary Art Exhibitions at the RCA, Tuesday 8–Sunday 20 March 2016.


Ursus at The Caged Antelope, Sunday 6 March 2016, from 2–6pm, a new space in Deptford courtesy of 2013–14 OSE Associates Eva Rowson, Ross Jardine, Jonathan Hoskins and Andrea Francke.

DKUK presents Work and other works, Ian Breakwell.  DKUK is a project by 2015 OSE Associate/hairdresser Daniel Kelly. Wednesday 17 February–Saturday 9 April 2016.


2015 OSE Associate Laura Yuile’s performance Cloud, Seed, Silver included in HypeTime: Pilot at Global Blanding at the Zabludowicz Collection. Saturday 13 February 2016.


2015 Associate John Lawrence shows their film The Olympus Test alongside Bryony Hussey and Yuri Pattison at Southend’s Big Screen in association with Focal Point Gallery. Sunday 9 February 2016.


Anti-University 2016 Festival Launch & Workshop (co-produced by 2015 OSE associate Shiri Shalmy). Part of the Dialectics of Liberation – Reconvened programme at Cafe Oto. Thursday 7 February 2016.

Play Loteria! Unhealthy Obsessions with sorryyoufeeluncomfortable (featuring 2016 OSE associate Anni Movsisyan) as part of Wellcome Collection’s Friday Late Spectacular: Feeling Emotional. Tuesday 5 February 2016.


2015 OSE Associate Leslie Kulesh is the 47th desktop residency. Tuesday 2–Saturday 20 February 2016.

2015 OSE Associate Marie Toseland featured in group show Objects from the Temperate Palm House at Bargain Spot, Edinburgh. Friday 15 January–Saturday 27 February 2016.

Palms_show (66 of 66)

2015 OSE Associate Leslie Kulesh speaks on an ICA panel discussion on artists’ visibility in the current increased transmissibility of information enabled by the internet. Friday 15 January 2016.

2013–14 OSE Associate Lucy Beech and Edward Thomasson in residence at Site Gallery for PLATFORM Residency. Tuesday 19 January–Saturday 6 February 2016.



Sonic Blind Dates, every Tuesday 5:30–6:30pm on Resonance 104.4FM or An experiment in shared listening, from 2015 OSE Associate Sophie Mallett; indulging ignorance, live on air.


2015 OSE Associate Paul Maheke speaks at Ruptures. Saturday 12 December 2015.

2015 OSE Associate Kristin Luke featured in the group show PLANES at Bas Fisher Invitational, Miami. Tuesday 1–Sunday 6 December 2015.

Guilt and Spectatorship at Birkbeck, featuring 2013–14 OSE associate Jonathan Hoskins. Saturday 28 November 2015.

2015 OSE associate Marie Toseland featured in group show Qwaypurlake at Hauser & Wirth Somerset. Sunday 15 November 2015–Monday 31 January 2016.


Community Arts? Learning from the Legacy of Artists’ Social Initiatives, at the Black-E, part of Liverpool Biennial and featuring 2013–14 OSE associate Ania Bas and OSE co-director Anna Colin. Sunday 1 November 2015.

2015 OSE Associate Paul Maheke awarded the South London Gallery Graduate residency. The residency is for three months, with a solo show in March 2016. November 2015.

Interruptions commissioned by Field Broadcast. Interruptions is an ongoing work by 2013–14 OSE Associate Matt De Kersaint Giradeau and Sam Mercer. November 2015.

October’s Art Monthly features a profile of 2013–14 OSE Associate Jonathan Hoskins, in which he discusses projects Own De Beauvoir! and Catallax Point.

2015 OSE Associate Marie Toseland features in Crab Walk, a group show at Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art. Friday 30 October 2015–Saturday 20 February 2016.

Screenshot 2016-05-16 18.48.43

Dry French at Palais de Tokyo, a solo show by 2015 OSE Associate Mathis Collins. Monday 19 October–Sunday 22 November 2015.


Project Radio at &Model, Leeds. A project by 2015 OSE Associate Sophie Mallett and artist Marion Harrison. Wednesday 7–Sunday 25 October 2015.


The Walking Reading Group at The Feminist Library, organised by 2013–14 OSE Associate Ania Bas. Wednesday 7 October 2015.

Book-ish: a book fair of sorts, an exhibition of printed matter, publications and performances, at 38b Peckham Rye. Organised by 2013–14 OSE Associate Eva Rowson and Luke Drozd, as part of Art Licks Weekend. Friday 2–Sunday 4 October 2015.

2015 OSE Associate/hairdresser Daniel Kelly shows Jack Strange, It want It at DKUK as part of Art Licks weekend. Friday 2–Sunday 4 October 2015.


Sickly Revelations* a solo show by 2015 OSE Associate John Lawrence, at Oriel Davies Gallery.  Saturday 19 September–Wednesday 4 November 2015.


2015 OSE Associates Sophie Mallett and Marie Toseland’s collaborative sound work playing at The Very Last Time publication launch, Firstsite, Colchester.  Saturday 12 September 2015.

2015 OSE Associate Tina Rowe runs E5 Process workshop, as part of Chatsworth Road Festival. Saturday 5 September 2015.

Squares & Triangles album launch at OSE, the inaugural release from Oh, a label instigated by 2015 OSE Associate John Lawrence and artist Mat Jenner. Friday 4 September 2015.

2015 OSE Associate/hairdresser Daniel Kelly shows Ben Washington, Territory Appendage at DKUK. July 2015.


Dead Air Party at The Ivy House, London SE15 3BE. A unique live experience at the crossroads of an underground gig, participative performance and silent disco, brought to you by 2013–14 OSE Associate Eva Rowson. Sunday 12 July 2015.


Co-Pourri at Caustic Coastal. Artworks, events and services by an anonymous group of artists making work in the Co-Pourri style, administered by 2015 OSE Associates Leslie Kulesh and Laura Yuile. At Caustic Coastal during Manchester International Festival. Friday 10–Sunday 19 July 2015.


2015 OSE Associate Laura Yuile’s solo show The Capital at Vulpes Vulpes. Saturday 4–Sunday 26 July 2015.


2013–14 OSE Associate Ania Bas organised a Show me How – series of practical craft/making sessions as part of Market Town with Loughborough University. June–August 2015.


2015 OSE Associates Sophie Mallett and Marie Toseland exhibit in in The Spirit of the Staircase, a group show curated by Elinor Morgan at The Sunday Painter. Friday 26 June–Sunday 9 August 2015.

2015 OSE Assoicates Sophie Mallett and Marie Toseland perform a live ASMR experience on Resonance 104.4fm. Monday 1 June 2015.


2015 OSE Associates Paul Maheke and Mathis Collins both exhibit as part of ODRADEK, at Les Instants Chavirés, Montreuil, France. Saturday 30 May–Sunday 5 July 2015.

IC 2015-Odradek-008

2015 OSE Associate Afshin Dehkordi performs at Local Transport, alongside artists and writers whose work questions the notion of truth and identity today. Wednesday 27 May 2015. Watch it here.


Guilt in Utopian Space – an evening featuring a new lecture-performance by the former 2013–14 OSE Associate John Hoskins, drawing on research from the project Own De Beauvoir! and their two-year involvement with Birkbeck’s Guilt Working Group. Birkbeck College. Thursday 21 May 2015.


Opening event for the culmination of 2015 OSE Associate John Lawrence’s Residency in a Record Store featuring live instore set by the band HENGE. In association with Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre. Thursday 7 May 2015.

2015 OSE Associate Paul Maheke in the group show Parti(e) du Paysage hosted by 60th Salon de Montrouge, France. Tuesday 5 May–Wednesday 3 June 2015.

2015 OSE Associate Leslie Kulesh screens their film NO ROSE, at contemporary arts festival London Open Source. Saturday 2–Sunday 3 May 2015.


2015 OSE Associate/hairdresser Daniel Kelly shows Vanity Suite/Sorry, Alan Kane at DKUK. Friday 24 April–Saturday 20 June 2015.


2015 OSE Associate Leslie Kulesh part of the group show Club Caligula at Supplement Gallery. Friday 3 April–Saturday 30 May 2015.


2015 OSE Associate Shiri Shalmy curates the show Data, at Rochester Art Gallery, with artists Salvatore Arancio, James Brooks, Leo Fitzmaurice, Helen Kincaid, Noa Lidor and Tom Richards. Friday 3 April–Sunday 31 May 2015.


2015 OSE Associate Kristin Luke involved in the group show Wilderness, at New Shelter Plan in Copenhagen, Friday 17 April–Saturday 23 May 2015.


Over 3 days 2015 OSE Associate Mathis Collins interprets and produces a recital for voice and abstract score for accordion of “A Thin Mountain Ash,” through the sculpting of 80 singing faces in pieces of charcoal and chalk for DO DISTURB, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France, Friday 10–Sunday 12 April 2015.

DKUK screens Bare Life & Bio-politics in Kennington Park. DKUK is a project by 2015 OSE Associate/hairdresser Daniel Kelly. Friday 27 February–Thursday 26 March 2015.


2015 OSE Associate Marie Toseland presents a new body of work, featuring a collaboration with musician Kinlaw, as part of their solo show pushing sumthin’ nice (feat. Kinlaw) for the Southwest Showcase. Thursday 26 February–Wednesday 18 March 2015.


2015 OSE Associate Leslie Kulesh maintains a comment-able Google Doc covering the events of AW15 fashion month, as seen through the prism of Sylvanian Families; a line of collectible anthropomorphic animal figurines made of flocked plastic. See Sylvanian Fashion Week for Cosmos Carl here.


2013–14 OSE Associate Eva Rowson and partner Luke Drozd’s project space 38b welcomes print duo Palefroi from Berlin for an intimate exhibition of their collection of screen-printed and self-produced books and prints. Friday 4 July 2014.


2013–14 OSE Associate Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau presents a new performance work, The Extinction of the Human Race: What Does it Mean for Me? at Gustav Metzger’s Facing Extinction conference at UCA Farnham. Saturday 7 June 2014.

2013–14 OSE Associate Eva Rowson and Luke Drozd host a two-man show about drawing, paper and felt tip pens with work from Mick Welbourn and Mike Ryder at 38b  – an occasional series of exhibitions and events in their Peckham flat. Friday 21 February 2014.


A new performance work by 2013–14 OSE Associate Lucy Beech with Edward Thomasson, marking the culmination of their project in Camden Arts Centre’s Artists’ Studio. Sunday 9 February 2014.


2013–14 OSE Associate Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau presents a new film installation The mud formed a finger, pointed at Sutton House as part of the ARKA Group (with Ben Jeans Houghton), and created in collaboration with dancer and choreographer Nicole Vivien Watson. Friday 7 February–Sunday 2 March 2014.


2013–14 OSE Associate Andrea Franke’s event CRÈCHE COURSE, a Survival Strategies for Cultural Workers event in support of the RCA childcare campaign at The Showroom, Saturday 11 January 2014, from 12–4pm.