Associates 2018

Ian Bride

Ian Bride’s previous creative practice has been inspired by a critical engagement with the fields of biodiversity conservation, education and anthropology – with a view to exploring and challenging some of the fundamental epistemological parameters thereof – for instance, the value of the use of positivist scientific method to the sustainable uses of natural resources, the neo-colonial text underpinning the conservation discourse, representations of nature and the human condition, and the ‘language’ of tools. He is most comfortable working with 3D form and in wood, but as an Associate his intention is simply(!) to immerse himself in creative thinking and practice, both individually and as part of the group process.

Coral Brookes

Coral Brookes is an artist from Shropshire. Her work so far focuses on sculpture and drawing to explore play, functionality and imagination as languages for navigating the world. She is interested in embarking on playful and explorative processes of making whilst the work also manifests as a playground visionary. The work has recently drawn parallels between museum objects as well as industrialism with the biomorphic and metamorphic motion in the cartoon landscape and the language of form and motion, visualised as cast forms folding, curving, balancing, wiggling. She graduated in 2017 from Goldsmiths BA Fine Art & History of Art and is keen to stretch out ideas underpinning her practice through workshops and a greater collaborative and socially engaged arena during her time at OSE.

Rosa Irwin Clark

Rosa Irwin Clark is an artist and musician working in site-responsive performance, traditional folk music and DIY self-organised arts events. With arts/activism collective Degenerate Space, their work explores regeneration, land ownership and architecture with a community-led creation process. Rosa’s practice investigates and is informed by non-hierarchical collaboration, embodied knowledge and the oral tradition. In 2016, they co-founded The Palace – an annual arts residency taking place in Piotrowice Nyskie, Poland.

Katie Fiore

Katie Fiore (b.1993, Chatham) is a multidisciplinary artist whose work may manifest in forms including text, sound, video, photography, digital collage, readings, collaborative workshops and exchanges. Through obsessively documenting and re-assembling collected fragments of our physical and digital worlds, she aims to excavate the in-between spaces and the margins that give way for resistance and love. She is drawn to the cracks and tears, the familiar out of joint, borders and portals, language and iconography, echo and haze, and ghosts of the future.

Una Hamilton Helle

Una Hamilton Helle is an artist and art worker who utilises images, installation, collaborative workshops and writing to explore how we construct meaning through fictional structures. She is preoccupied with ideas around nature and how we are formed by landscape and our surroundings. She recently published Becoming the Forest #2, a journal which forms part of a wider arts project about forests, molecular biology, animism and black metal. She curates and commissions art projects as part of the contemporary art organisation Legion TV.

Sarah Karen

Sarah Karen (b. 1993, UK) works across various disciplines. Her most recent work explores the subject of journey, aiming to encompass particular thoughts or moments experienced whilst travelling. Beginning with drawing, the work fluctuates between meditative and decorative, replicating the shapes, shadows and other visual observations experienced whilst weaving from one place to another. Interested in how we navigate our environments, she seeks to do so through acts of weaving and plans to map the movement of others whilst at OSE.

Antonia Luxem

Antonia Luxem creates abstract videos, documentaries and paintings. Her documentary work explores current social and environmental issues, which are the focus of her debut film Perceptions on Chaos: Hackney, selected for the East End Film Festival 2017. Her most recent video work is an intimate investigation into human visual and temporal perception. Recently, Antonia co-founded ANTIKO, an online platform documenting the architecture of London’s East End through photography and video, as well as lastnightwolves, a virtual gallery which seeks to make sense of the everyday through written and visual mediums.

Dipesh Pandya

Dipesh Pandya works with sound, moving image, typography, photography, spoken word and text compositions. He sets out to explore the languages, codes and systems of social and sub-cultural groups through cross-examination of the creation, expression and suppression of identities and cultures throughout history as well as their relation to contemporary global socio-political themes. Research and reflection on anthropology, sociology, politics, sensory ethnography, post-colonialism and activism are starting points for processing and understanding a multilayered experience of the influences shaping the fluidity of a personal cultural identity. The resulting historical and contemporary cultural fabric is merged, creating immersive and experiential imagined cultural futures.

Lizzy Rose

Lizzy Rose’s (b. 1988) work explores community, British identity and hidden culture through storytelling. Her practice is diverse spanning video, photography, ceramics, drawing writing and curation. Lizzy Rose was part of artist-led space LIMBO arts in Margate from 2012-15 and now is part of the programming team at CRATE, an artist-led studio and project space in Margate, Kent. Last year she was successful in receiving an Arts Council England grant to fund a trip to Japan and support a show and workshop, which is still ongoing.

Elinor Stanley

Elinor Stanley works in painting, drawing, sculpture and performance to explore how humans use myth and illusionary narrative to make sense of the world, considering how these myths impact on contemporary concerns. She is particularly interested in the use of stylisation as a tool for comprehension, using theatrical artifice, frames, stages and screens to address these concerns, as well as questions of inter-subjectivity, intimacy and guilt. Her current interests range from plumbing, celebration, and embarrassment. Elinor Stanley studied at Glasgow School of Art.

Tom Verity

Tom Verity’s work explores a variety of materials and objects through mixed media sculpture and composition. The work often deconstructs traditional elements of painting to be recombined into pieces, which are activated by gravity, balance and tension. His recent projects include the graduate residency at AirSpace Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent, ‘The Glasshouse Residency’ at The New Art Gallery Walsall and ‘Mostyn Open 20’, Llandudno.

Louise Webb

Louise Webb’s practice focuses on the interaction between the interpretive material and the materialised object. Playing with the perception of boundaries and the idea of misinterpretation, she creates multidimensional installations reflecting constructed narratives, usually exploring the merging of fact and fiction. Recently Webb has exhibited in We: You, Me – Narrative Whispers (2017) at Firstsite, Colchester.

Melanie Wheeler

Melanie Wheeler’s multi-disciplinary practice is an amalgamation of sculpture, installation, and publications containing collage and texts. Most recently she has been curator of a project that aims to provide a platform for young artists. She views art as a tool for social impact and focuses on collaborative projects that aim to both engage and benefit the community. Melanie has recently taken part in ‘ The Floating Island residency’ and completed a curator internship with a sustainable events company in Manchester. Recent exhibitions include shows in Manchester, Liverpool and London and her work has been featured in FOCI, Nous and Aesthetica magazine.