Capitalist Artist Scum

Wednesday 11 November 2015, 6-9pm


In Capitalist Scum Event #1 we saw a number of presentations from artists who explore different relationships to non-art industries and the distribution of art. Some of the main questions that arose from this event were whether we might be able to differentiate artistic labour from capitalist labour, and where the issues of ‘survival’ versus other forms of value accumulation and appropriation should sit in relation to the ‘work’ itself.

This second event will centre around the possibility for seemingly opposing or contradictory views and ideas to co-exist within individual and collective artistic practices, as well as the structures that support and encompass these practices. We will discuss how such contradictions materialise, how contradiction may be embodied as a formal quality, and what the implications or effect of these might be.

This will extend to considering ideas of: seduction vs. repulsion; acceptance vs. critique; working within vs. working against; profit vs. not-for-profit; comfort vs. discomfort; pointing at the problem vs. trying to solve the problem; and use-value vs. abstraction.

There will be a number of short presentations followed by a discussion chaired by Helena Reckitt. Contributors include Suhail Malik, Christopher Kulendran Thomas, Angus Cameron, Pil & Galia Kollectiv.

This event is part of ‘Agenda Salad’, a week of exhibitions, performances, workshops and discussions devised by OSE associates to mark the end of Year 2. For more information click here.

Listen here for the recording of this event.



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