Open School East
Adult Education Centre
Hawley Square
Margate CT9 1PF
United Kingdom

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For all enquiries you can email us here:
Or call us on: 07511 159 644 (Monday — Thursday)

Directions from Margate train station

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Registered Charity No: 1154104

Registered Company No: 8396177

Access to Open School East (written instructions)
Open School East is located on the first floor of the Adult Education Centre on the corner of Hawley Square, opposite Kent County Council library.
To reach OSE from Margate train station, turn right as you leave the station and follow the main road along the beach. As you reach the roundabout by the clock tower, continue straight onto the main road going up the hill. You’ll see the cafe Kabuki on your left, continue onwards. You will pass the high street on the right and the pedestrian shopping street, ‘The Centre’, and soon will reach the modern brick building where Kent County Council Library is. Cross the street, leaving it behind you, to your right, and turn right onto the opposite pavement. You’ll pass the bus stop in front of Costcutter. Go up one more street, and the big brick building on the left is the Adult Education Centre. The main entrance is on the front of the building facing the square.