Despacito Art School, 2017 (Current)

In summer 2017, we ran the week-long OSE Carnival Arts School for children from Athelstan Road and neighbouring streets. Due to popular demand, OSE has restarted the art school. It takes place every Wednesday afternoon and is run by Heather Tait together with OSE associates Emma Gibson, Josephine Sweeney and Jacob Woods. The children have named it the Despacito Art School after the 2017 summer hit. Despacito also means slowly, which we are all for.

Despacito school times:
Wednesdays, 4-6pm during term time
Wednesdays, 2-6pm during half term

Wednesday 4 October
Printing from drain covers

We will be making prints from drain covers and other street furniture. We will be painting onto the covers using printing ink and making prints from them. We will also experiment with rubbings and make prints of road signs and other text based street furniture.

Wednesday 11 October
T-shirt printing from drain covers

Using last weeks techniques we will make printed t-shirts for themselves

Wednesday 18 and 25 October (half term)
Giant sweetshop

We will create enlarged versions of favourite sweets as individual projects which will be put together to create a sweetshop exhibition. They will be made from cardboard and mudrock, then painted.

Wednesday 1 November
Cynotype printing using found objects

Children will be shown how to print simple cyanotypes using found objects.

Wednesday 8 November
Cyanotype printing with self portraits

Make cyanotype self portraits. Take photographic portraits and turn them into negatives using vegetable oil. These will then be turned into cyanotypes.

Wednesday 15 November
Leather making workshop

We will be making handmade, drawstring purse from pre-cut patterns. We will be sewing pieces of leather together, thread thong and adding poppers.

Wednesday 22 November
Monoprinted self portraits

Experiment with monoprinting mark making, followed by self portraits. Photographs will be taken of each child and used to make monoprints.

Wednesday 29 November
Musical instrument making from recycled materials

We will make rainsticks from cardboard tubes and dowling which we will paint.

Wednesday 6 December

An image of the Pettmans will be cut into equal parts and given to each child to recreate; colour in/ add things to, using drawing materials. The images will be reassembled into a whole and displayed.

Wednesday 13 December
Christmas workshop

Christmas themed decorations.