Emperor Qin’s Mausoleum: 2. The Emperor’s Eternal Body

Thursday 1 – Friday 2 February 2018, 12-6pm

The Emperors Eternal Body is the second in a series of 6 workshops, each lasting 2 days, as part of Emperor Qin’s Mausoleum.

This is a collective project and curriculum led by artist Marguerite Humeau on architecture, design, sculpture, and the quest for eternal life… The project takes as a starting point China’s first Emperor Qin (259-210 BC) and the finely crafted and engineered mausoleum he commissioned for himself. To this day it hasn’t been excavated and remains ridden with myths. Marguerite Humeau invites participants to collectively rebuild and bury a version of the mausoleum, using contemporary materials and local natural resources, and to keep the Emperor alive! She has gathered experts from the fields of architecture, botany and embalming to work with us over 6 workshops.

Session 2: The Emperors Eternal Body

We will work with local embalmer Harry Nobel, who will teach us about the history and art of embalming.  We will learn about techniques, tools and knowledge drawn from Harry’s field to develop sculptural methods and an understanding of materials that can survive time. We will also use embalming techniques metaphorically, to think about eternity and the afterlife.

Read more about the overall project and future sessions here.