Troy Town Art Pottery

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Troy Town Art Pottery is a radical and psychedelic ceramic workshop for artists. It was founded in response to dwindling ceramics access in London, and to frustration with the established models of ceramic production. Our workshop is fully equipped and is available to use for 4 resident artists at a time for two week periods.

Who is it for?

Troy Town Art Pottery is for artists wishing to use ceramics as a sculptural medium within their work. While the mainstream history of the ceramic medium is generally one of studio pottery and functional wares, it is our belief that ceramics is better suited as a free material, divorced from the context of craft and design.

TTAP resists the influence of the vessel form on ceramics and limits the production of functional or quasi-functional wares within the pottery. Instead we want to canonise and recall those truly sculptural ceramic types and movements which are scattered across the history of the material. From the votive terracotta body parts of ancient Italy, to aspects of the California clay movement of the 1950s, we aim to celebrate ceramics as an accessible means of sculptural production which can coexist naturally with other media.

How does it work?

No ceramic experience is necessary, but residencies at TTAP are not taught, and instead aim to function cooperatively. A mixture of skill levels is aimed at when selecting residents so that skills can be shared among the group. Additionally, a full technical library is available at TTAP, and a brief introductory reading list of technical articles is provided to residents prior to the making week. TTAP staff are always on hand to answer technical questions during residencies.

A residency consists of up to one week studio time for the making of pieces, followed by a two week break during which these pieces are biscuit fired by TTAP staff ready for glazing. Resident artists then return for up to a week for glazing, firing and finishing. This timescale may be adjusted on an ad-hoc basis, depending on the types of works produced. All works produced at Troy Town Art Pottery remain the property of the resident artists.

How do I apply?

The facility is available upon brief application to the TTAP board, which currently consists of Aaron Angell (artist), Joe Scotland (director, Studio Voltaire) and Open School East directors.

Anybody may apply at any time, successful applicants are offered studio time for a range of dates and will be able to choose when they want to use the studio. To download the application form, click here.

Completed applications should be emailed as a single PDF of no more than 5MB to:

Please include your name in the file name as well as stating that it is a TTAP application. For example JOHN_SMITH_TTAP_APPLICATION.PDF

TTAP is a not-for-profit organisation, and the cost of using the workshop is heavily subsidised for successful applicants. The fee is £100 per artist and this covers all clay materials, glaze materials, and firing costs. Additional materials such as exotic glazes and clays, and more expensive bodies such as porcelain may need to be bought personally by the artist. As a rough guide, the level and dedication of ceramics access provided by TTAP would cost around £600 elsewhere.

What equipment is available?

Our kiln is a K&F front loading electric kiln, it has a capacity of 226 litres / 8 Cubic feet, the chamber dimensions are 610 x 610 x 700 mm. We can fire in oxidation/neutral only and up to 1300ºC. We also have a geared electric wheel, and a wide selection of other tools and equipment. Our clay reserved for residents includes a range of earthenware and stoneware clays.

All of our glazes are mixed in house and most are unique to the pottery. Our glaze library ranges from cone 013 to cone 12. Residents are also able to work with TTAP staff to alter existing glazes, or produce entirely new ones to suit their work.

TTAP is fully wheelchair accessible (including all pottery equipment except for the electric wheel).

TTAP also incorporates Gallery Peacetime, an exhibition space which exists inside of a large Axolotl aquarium in the corner of the workshop. The programme is occasional.

TTAP residents to date are: Nicolas Deshayes, Jess Flood Paddock, Sam Keogh, Sophie von Hellermann, Caroline Achaintre, Alex Crocker, George Henry Longly, Marlie Mul, Berry Patten, Allison Katz, Cullinan Richards, Alex Rathbone, Esme Toler, Susan Finlay, Bruce Ingram, Isabel Mallet, Tom Gidley, Will Robinson, Leslie Kulesh, Paddy Gould, Roxy Topia, Matthew Smith, Rebecca Ackroyd, Andy Harper, Richard Healy, Nissa Nishikawa, Shama Khanna, Renee So, Candice Lin, Ruairiadh O’Connell, Frances Drayson, Julia Lancaster, Sarah Entwistle, Rhett Leinster-Evans, Nicole Wermers, Ed Hill, Kathrin Bohm, Justin Fitzpatrick, Phil Root, Ian Law, Sam Cotterell, Richard John Jones, Olga Cerkesova.

Troy Town Art Pottery is a project by Aaron Angell. It is run co-operatively and is kindly supported by Arts Council England, Create London and Open School East. It is currently hosted by Open School East.