The W.O.OSE Network

Wysing, Outpost and Open School East have joined forces to establish the W.O.OSE Network to connect and support artists across generations.

Launching in autumn 2017, the Network will be made up of W.O.OSE Fellows, W.O.OSE Advocates and W.O.OSE Supporters, creating a flourishing culture of connectivity where artists, curators and patrons can meet, exchange ideas, discuss work and have access to exclusive opportunities and events.

W.O.OSE Fellows are artists who want to join the network for £3/mth and gain exclusive access to the opportunities offered. These are:

  • An annual commissioning award which includes:
    – A residency at Wysing, Cambridge
    – A programme of events at Open School East, Margate
    – A solo exhibition at Outpost, Norwich
  • A mentoring programme (6 mentees are selected to have 3 mentoring sessions over the course of a year with selected W.O.OSE Advocates).
  • Participation in a yearly Summer Camp alternately hosted in Cambridge, Margate and Norwich, where you can share and discuss you work with invited curators, W.O.OSE Advocates, other W.O.OSE Fellows, and W.O.OSE Supporters and hosts.
  • Participation in our yearly one-night networking event, A Night at the W.O.OSEum, taking place in a London museum. Bring and display your work for one night only and meet practitioners of different generations.
  • Support and opportunities to develop networks across the UK.

W.O.OSE Advocates are artists who support the next generation of artists through:

  • Mentoring and advising.
  • Attending the W.O.OSE Summer Camp.
  • Selecting the recipients of the award and mentorship programme together with the hosts.
  • Guest appearance at our yearly W.O.OSE networking and development event.
  • Connecting W.O.OSE to people in your network – potential donors, supporters or patrons.
  • Providing a donation to the campaign.
  • A combination of the above.

W.O.OSE Supporters are crucial in realising these opportunities and establishing a closer, more collaborative relationship between different generations of artist. By donating to the Network, you are at the vanguard of a new way of supporting emerging artists. W.O.OSE Supporters are invited to meet and engage with the W.O.OSE Fellows at our Summer Camp and yearly networking events.

Why us?

Our consortium, Wysing, Outpost, and Open School East (W.O.OSE) has secured seed funding from Arts Council England’s Catalyst programme to administer this campaign which allows every donation to be match funded. As a partnership of three organisations who have extensive experience supporting artists at a key stage in their career, what’s more in burgeoning regional scenes outside of the traditional arts centres, this is a unique opportunity to amplify the impact of our work – not just through one-off commissions, but through ongoing support for artists over the long-term.